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Data driven solutions

Get complete control over data discovery, consolidation and presentation. Let's make your data handy.

Data discovery

Our scraping tool suite will assist you in gathering data from a variety of resources. Which is more, our software will help you test user interfaces, fill forms and transfer data between different services.

Data consolidation

You will find our services helpful not only when it comes down to collecting the information but also in consolidation and integration data from multiple sources, then transferring it into a single solid database with duplicates removed and adjustments made.

Data presentation

Our team has worked extra hard to develop one-of-a-kind data control and management systems of various complexity. If you find it difficult to analyze and manage all the data you receive, why not put our expertise to the test?


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Reporting & analytics

Trust us, success in business is rooted in correct data gathering and management. If you let us facilitate data management for you, you will be well aware of the existing market environment, your company's position, consumers, and competitors, and be therefore well prepared for competent planning and analysis.

Data management made easy

Our team is pleased to offer you one-of-a-kind solutions for both large and small enterprises providing effective data management – solutions that are easy to implement and even easier to employ.

Mobile friendly datasets

Yes, we do provide data management solutions for mobile devices that make business process management automated, hence easier.

eCommerce friendly

Our team has profound experience in integrating multiple e-commerce systems with import and export of products, API for delivery tracking, employing central contol hubs for automatic product display on multiple trading platforms.

Community automation

We assist marketing professionals by computerizing their everyday work with contextual ads, email marketing, social networks in general, and managing unique business tasks in particular.

Any country, any language

21st century technologies break geographical and language barriers and welcome us all into a global society with a global information system. In the era of globalization we have spent years working with customers from around the world and being equally helpful to all of them, no matter what country they come from and what language they speak.

building new website?

We are partnering with several companies that are leaders in WordPress development.