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Looking for custom development? Let us do the job and get your information working hard.

Professional software development

NOTE: HandyData is not doing custom software development, we are building only our own solutions. Please visit and check “Members” page to find solution provider for your needs.

The HandyData team’s main focus is developing software for efficient data collection, processing and management, no matter how complicated they may be. All software developers at HandyData are well-trained and have completed IT degrees and total experience in software development of more than 100 years calculated in man-hours.

Here are our main spheres of software development:

  • Complex web applications with advanced logic and high API usage
  • Content management frameworks based on WordPress
  • System tools and software integration
  • All kinds of advanced crawlers, scrappers and robots
Data usage for business

Complex web application development with ASP.NET

It is next to impossible to imagine a 21st century business, however large or small it may be, prospering while failing to efficiently manage information and business operations. The effective management, in its turn, is based on a complex of IT systems that meet a number of requirements:

  • Adaptability which allows any system to operate on the widest range of devices possible
  • Cloud hosting which makes any system fault tolerant, scalable, more easily controlled and less cost demanding
  • Management flexibility that permits making quick changes on the go
  • Provision of restricted access rights
  • Integration with third-party services that help expand system functionality
  • High-performance software code
  • Automated testing of system components

The HandyData team has come up with a unique framework that complies with each and every of the above listed requirements. It is based on SQL Server, Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, SignalR, and Angular technologies, and allows for swift Microsoft Azure hosting. This framework has been widely used by a number of businesses in the insurance, finance, and tourist industries for more than five years.

For more details, click here.

Complex data management systems with WordPress

WordPress currently ranks first in popularity among content management systems. No wonder millions of businesses prefer this platform to all the rest, and the number keeps growing.

Here are our main priorities on WordPress development:

  • Customized solutions for content management systems (real estate, job management, business directory, event management).
  • Plugins and templates.
  • WordPress sites performance tuning and maintenance.

We are proud to present you HandyListing – a universal data management system for WordPress.

System tools development

Considering an enormous variety of services and applications available to users these days, it is no wonder that app development is in such great demand. Apps enjoy equal popularity as desktop applications with user-friendly interfaces, console applications, system, web, or cloud services.

Below you will find applications we have developed over the past years:

  • System utilities that perform a variety of tasks, such as delivering email, and SMS notifications, or generating PDF files based on incoming data
  • Integration utilities which export data from one system to another through APIs or user interfaces using personal accounts on websites, integrate billing systems, such as PayPal, BrainTree, and Intuit, to form complex payment models (subscriptions and ‘pay as you go’ deals)
  • Simple and advanced crawlers (yes, we do have a knack for these as you may see here)

Scraping tools development

You can read more about scraping tools development at this page. Below are the quick samples of scrapers we can build. Every scraper can be customized per your needs:

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