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Data presentation

It’s not enough to collect information. There should be handy way to manage it.

One of the keys to success in business is effective information management based on apps that are both efficient and user-friendly – the sort of apps our team has been so good at making. 

Now, let us sum up all the requirements that any effective data management system has to comply with:

  • Flexibility – creating databases with an easy or complex structure being equally able to quickly adapt to the ever-changing information environment of your business. 
  • User friendliness – making databases that can be easily used by people with no IT degree.
  • Convenience – creating a database that is convenient to use by end users who are mostly senior executives or business analysts whose time means BIG money. With this taken into consideration, the system should be efficient, responsive, and easy to use.
  • Compatibility – one of the crucial features of any database is its ability to work on a variety of platforms and devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Ability to import and export data is another important feature of any information system. Data may be transferred via flat Excel files or APIs.
  • Provision of restricted access rights – each database, specifically the one created for a large or medium business, has to provide a variety of functions, security levels, and access rights available to a range of groups with different qualifications, such as operators, administrators, and business analysts. 
  • Reports and analytics – not only does a data system store information but it also provides a solid basis for analytical reports, comparative studies, and forecasts.

With all these requirements in mind, creating a database seems to be an extraordinarily complicated task… Isn’t it easier to leave it to the professionals at HandyData?

Technology stack

What can we help you with? The answer differs widely depending on the challenges you present.

  • We use WordPress together with our newly developed HandyListing for relatively simple projects. These content management systems are part of the solution when our clients have an existing website built on WordPress and its functionality needs to be further enhanced in order to input, manage, and display a variety of data. 
  • Drupal is applied primarily for government projects. For instance, a number of government agencies in Australia are widely using systems built on Drupal.
  • We also employ our own framework based on ASP.NET MVC + Angular, and Azure Miscrosoft technologies for highend projects of over-the-top complexity. The key feature of such projects is the ability for scaling and dealing with overloading in terms of data volume, processing power, and number of users.

Track record


Loan accelerator


A finance company turned to us to completely redesign its existing PHP application and significantly expand its functionality. The project included many graphs and analytical indicators, such as debts to income (DTI), expenses to income (ETI), loan to value (LTV), and payment schedules, to name a few, as well as a complex mathematical model that allowed for calculating a number of payment options for loans. 


  • Frontend system for users including all required calculators, forms and views
  • Backend web service for the existing mobile app 

Customer feedback:

«They nailed it! If you want a team that delivers, you’ve found it. Will totally recommend!»  – Sean B., California, USA.

Information management system for an insurance company


The insurance company from New Jersey came up with the idea to create a customized application to simplify a number of complex tasks:

  • Gathering a large amount of information on insurance objects.
  • Creating PDF documents based on the collected data. 
  • Managing insurance certificates. 
  • Managing claim payments after insured accidents.
  • Allowing a number of partners to remotely work in the same system.
  • Integrating the system with QuickBooks Online for payments and business accounting. 
  • Cloud storing of client records.
  • Providing restricted access rights to users.
  • Incorporating a complex audit system with the ability to roll back changes.

Customer feedback:

«We have been working with HandyData for a few years now and are truly amazed at the level of commitment the team puts into each project. A great collaboration worth every dollar! Keep it up!»  – Michael G., New Jersey, USA.

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