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Scraping tools development

Information assets right at your fingertips.

Scraping tools development

There is hardly any doubt that efficient information management is the key to success in any business sphere in the high-tech society of today. Therefore, it is of crucial importance for any business to collect and manage information from a variety of sources – a task that may appear to be rather troublesome as we described in data discovery.

The past decade saw a spectacular uprise of numerous web services that generate or store stunning amounts of information. These services keep adapting and updating now and again making it even harder to collect relevant data… And this is when HandyData may come in handy to you. Our team has extensive experience in creating robots, bots, parsers, and crawlers that gather information online.

There is a multitude of online services that store important information for your business, among which are:

  • Systems that make online business operations possible or improves it’s functionality (website analytics like Google Analytics; CRM systems like Salesforce; e-commerce management systems, and the like)
  • Electronic platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Google Maps, Airbnb,
  • Social networks, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube
  • Online business directories, like Yelp, Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare.

These online resources provide data that may bring a vast improvement to your business and consequently increase your profits.

Data crawling made simple

However, when gathering data your business may face a number of challenges:

  • A few online services have no API that may assist in data collecting
  • Most online trading platforms fight a deadly battle against crawlers that cause significant server overload. As the result of this battle, individual IP addresses and even subnets may get blocked
  • To obtain valuable data, you may need to fill in user-unfriendly search forms, or sign in to your personal account
  • When searching for data, you can only use parsers that support Ajax and cookies
  • Most online services process a limited amount of requests per hour, day, etc.
  • Online services employ captcha systems to prevent information gathering. 

With these challenges in mind, gathering data online may seem to be a hopeless task but hey, never say never when there is the HandyData team ready to help you with any task you have in store and many more.

Sample scrapers

Here are a few examples of data gathering methods that successfully employ virtual user technology (for more details, go to data discovery). Specifically, they simulate Chrome or Firefox browser users’ activities and allow for profile changes (language, country, hardware characteristics) and various browser extensions (proxy servers, anti-captcha, etc).  

Each project is illustrated by a short video demonstrating parsers’ operations. The collected data may be collected as flat files (such as .csv, .txt, or Excel spreadsheets) or transferred to a remote system via API right away.

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